L'Eau Life

Growing up, I would wake up in the winter with my bedsheets frozen to the wall and squat as I used the bathroom attempting to avoid all contact with the frigid seat in fear you might stick to it. When I was thirteen my family moved from Bloomington, Minnesota to Scottsdale, Arizona. From then on I spent most of my Christmases in shorts and t-shirt there. Now anything below 60 degrees makes me feel like I'm in Antarctica. My first winter here in the Antelope Valley (50 minutes north of LA) has been FREEZING! We even had a 12 hour "blizzard." True story.

As I try to stay warm right now I think of one of my favorite artists, Jeff Scher. Jeff creates gorgeous watercolor/collage pieces into stop motion videos set to music. This one is giving me hope that summer will will come back.

Here are some of my favorite frames from his video, L'Eau Life.

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