Meredith Maddox

Given to her by my dear friend, Britt, this stationery set is my new favorite. I have never met Meredith, but I got the greatest description of her from Britt when we emailing about the design specifics:

"Here's the first few thoughts I have for you: her favorite color is purple and she loves polka dots, clean lines, and is a very classy lady. She also doesn't like the Anglican church (of which she is a member) because she thinks that they aren't hygienic enough. (i.e. doesn't want to drink communion wine out of the same cup as everybody else, or have holy oil put onto her forehead because it will make her break out). She's a little bit of a feminist, but only a little bit. She also just got married a few months ago."

Doesn't get better than that.

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