Be Inspired By: Angi Welsch

This week's guest artist is my sweet friend and outstanding photographer, Angi Welsch. Angi is such a bright light in the world of photography. She is currently finishing her bachelors of fine art at Biola University and has her own wedding photography/portrait gig. She is PHENOMENAL. I love the mood she captures and the purity of the moment in her work. Be inspired by her work, her story, and what inspires her.

What's your favorite color combination?
I really love soft subtle colors combined with a strong earth tones… For example a light mint green paired with a mustard yellow, and a coffee brown.

Most~listened~to song on iTunes?
“Window” by The Album Leaf

What is your favorite project/piece? Why?
My current project is my personal favorite. I’m shooting environmental portraits of people on medium and large format film. The shooting process is laborious, and contemplative, which I appreciate in comparison to the quick fix of a digital SLR image. These portraits require me to spend an extended amount of time with my subject, which I really enjoy. It gives me time to further my understanding the person as I endeavor to convey who I understand them as in a photograph. I’ve always been deeply fascinated by people, and an observer of human behavior, this project allows me to illuminate those observations and pay homage to the people that I photograph.

Photographs by Angi. My favorite is Gabe on the Rocks and Sarah in the Rain. Gives me chills. Click to enlarge.

A Portrait of Rosalie Petrovich

A Portrait of Erin O'Hern

Boy in Neff Park

Couple in the Mountains

Gabby at Home

Gabe on the Rocks

Rose in the Yard


Sarah in the Rain

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by nature, the creation, and the creatures of the earth. My fellow brothers and sisters that I get to live life with. Sufjan Stevens. The city of Assisi in central Italy. My amazing parents. Visual story telling. The Hasemeyer Family. Andrew Bird. The writings of Thomas Merton & T.S. Eliot. Humble people. Healthy food. Seeing the Body of Christ come alive through the church. People who work hard. Children’s books. Antiques. The everlasting Grace of God.

Here are some images that Angi uses as inspiration. I guarantee that people are already using her portraits as inspiration. Her work so strongly reflects her inspiration pieces. Click to enlarge.


What other mediums do you like/what other arts are you interested in?
I’m into design, and mixed media assemblage. I like design that is organic and natural. I like to work and design by hand then scan my images into the computer and continue work there.

What do you want to be in ten years?
I want to be creating, still continuing the work I’ve started. I’d love to still be shooting portraits, hopefully doing some editorial portraiture for publications and I’d love to help start a nonprofit that is art related.

Contact Angi at: and check out her website in 2 months: I will post it on her when she launches it. Can't wait!

Thanks, Angi, for sharing your beautiful work on "Be Inspired!"


Anonymous –   – (February 11, 2010 at 3:50 PM)  

You are a very talented artist. I have enjoyed your photos.


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