Friday in my Filing Cabinet

Ok, yes, it's not Friday, but I want to start a Friday in my Filing Cabinet to show inspiration I gathered during the week, and of course, Friday came and went and I forgot I wanted to do this. Standard. So, here are my week's musings. I hope they tickle your fancy as well.

New Screen Prints from my ultimate role model: Darling Clementine.
I feel slightly creeped out by the sexy clown but totally in awe.

Beautiful Photo by Trevor Hoehne at the always lovely Cotton Idea Studio.
This is what my dreams look like.

1940s dress by Temperley.
It's a toss up which I like better, the dress or this photo.

Orchestrated by Liam Stevens.
I want to add a "W" and put this in a grid in my stairwell. Makes me taste lemon.

Interior by Miles Redd
I love the black + white chair in front of the black + white painting. I envision myself living in this space when I am thirty, flirty, + thriving.

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