MaeMae Has Moved!

 Hi, Bloggies! Thank you so much for your being faithful to the MaeMae blog! I started this blog on New Year's Day 2008 and today am moving to my new blog home on my website. Here is the RSS feed for all of you sweet little readers out there:

Fare thee well, Blogger, hello big girl website!


Sparkly New Website!

Praises on high! This website that has been brewing in my brain and computer for almost 2 years (what!?) is finally here. I am actually sitting here refreshing the URL hoping all our hard work will pop up and throw glitter all over the studio... holding my breath... IT'S LIVE!! YAY!

A gigantic thanks to my husband, my family and friends who have been calling, emailing, tweeting, and texting me this morning, the two lovely ladies who helped me finish out the collection, my current clients + those of you who took a chance on a girl with a dream in the past, my printer, my programmer, and my portrait photographer. Real credits to come.

Our fancy new blog on the website is having a little trouble this morning - but when we make the switch to the new blog I will let you all know!

Thank you all for paying attention to what's going on in MaeMaeLand and for helping achieve my dreams!



100 Layer Cake Pop-Up Shop!

Hurry on over to 100 Layer Cake for some sa-weeet deals we have cooked up together. What's to be had over there you ask? Does new greeting cards, address stamps, and custom wedding stationery all at amazing reduced prices peek your interest? Well.... HURRY! Limited quantities!


Under Construction

illustration by Danielle Kroll

Hi, bloggies! Exciting things going on over here - getting the new blog, website, and shop up. If you need anything please email me at - the info email won't be working for a bit. Pardon any funny things you may see here or on the site! See you all TUESDAY!

xx, Mae


Website Launch - Oct. 25!!

My new motto is (well I say it to myself - yes, when I talk to myself):

"good things take time - fab things take a long time!"

Well it's the time after the long time - and time to show you all the new goodies!! Here's what's in store for you on Tuesday / Oct / 25

1 / website launch!
2 / social stationery launch!!
3 / pop-up shop with 100 Layer Cake !!!

The wedding collection is complete as well and will have an official launch in November!

So there you have it. Real dates. Real commitment. REALLY excited!

Above are some sneaky peekies of what we have been doing over here:

1 / new pony logo designed by Rose! looks more like my blue pony from my childhood. photos of the original pony coming soon :)
2 / THE CHECKLIST. aka our life over here. the wedding collection is going to be so thorough you won't know what to do with yourself. we covered everything from 4 different save the date options (magnet, flat, postcard, accordion) to all the day of goodies you would need (labels, signage, tags, coasters, stickers, bottle wrappers - MATCHBOOKS!!)
3 / Oct. 6 - MY 26TH BDAY! nothing but the oldies. too bad I didn't think to move the pencil before shooting... so excited for this new year. new places to go, new things to accomplish!
4 / yes. MaeMae will be doing WAX SEALS!! baller. shot caller.
5 / the album mock-up. I am working with three different people to make this happen. and they all rock. and so will the album.
6 / calendars.... ahh!
7 / I made 16 greeting cards. buy some postage + get your pen ready.
8 / celebratory banner from my bestie, Whit. DOFCH = Dome Of Foam Coming Home. a phrase from the swim team days. aka kick hard. it's taken on a whole new meaning. thanks for the support, whitters.
9 / notebook from Rose that chronicles the 2011 collection: all the things I'm making, specs, pricing, etc. pretty much as important as THE CHECKLIST. but prettier.
10 / all 250 pages of proofs for the wedding collection. 5 people have looked over it. I told you - thorough!!
11 / my newest friend - the eraser. some people think it's brave to use pen. it's braver to acknowledge things are going to change. and to be ok with it.
12 / address stamp collection - kind of my favorite thing.

STAY TUNED, bloggies!

and PS we will be moving to a new blog address - but don't fret - I'll let you know where to go.

xz, Mae


Total Maj Moment

I am trying to write this without bursting into tears. Oh. Too late. Here they come...

Rose and I "met" in June 2010 after she emailed me in regards to my internship - the only problem - she lived in New Zealand! There was just something about the message she sent me and her sweet blog that made me feel like there could be something there. Since then she has assisted me from afar and we got to know one another through postcards, packages and Skype.

At the beginning of this year she told me that she and her boyfriend, Scott, were "keen" on coming to Lancaster so she could work in the studio with me. WHAT?! I felt so overwhelmed by the idea. It seemed too generous. Too big. She was willing to travel across this world to sit in my little studio? She said she was. So she came! And I will never be the same.

Rose just lit up my heart with her cheerfulness every morning and passion for her craft and MaeMae. With hers and Katie's help we have finished the wedding collection and a little social stationery collection (launch next month!). But not only did we get a lot of beautiful work done these last 6 weeks (I am just bursting to show you all!) but I learned so much from Rose about what it means to be passionate, risk everything for your dreams, and how to be a superb friend. She is a gem and I miss her immensely. I have found a kindred spirit in her and am so excited for her as she pursues design full time when she returns home. I could go on and on about how lovely and fabulous Rose is but I will end up like last night when I had to say goodbye to her - crying in bed and then consuming an entire loaf of French bread with a stick of butter.

Rose - you have forever changed me and the way I view the world. Can't wait until we are reunited. Thank you for everything. I am taking good care of the basil plant, Wally, and still polishing off the Hello Dollys.

All my love,



Meet Winston (and Rose!)

It has been quite the journey from starting up MaeMae in my college studio to working on my debut wedding collection album that is launching next month. I have learned so much about the creative process, customer service, and asking for help. These past two weeks have been fully dedicated to getting the collection to the printers and I could NOT have done it without my fab assistant Katie and my intern - ROSE! Rose has been doing work for MaeMae from far away (New Zealand!) for the past year and this summer made the long journey all the way to my studio to wok here. If that doesn't blow your mind I don't know what will. We are having so much fun designing away and learning NZ lingo (my favorite word is "roggie" = roger aka OK).

Above is the last collection inspiration board for Winston, my desert-loving character. Yes he has a pet llama. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

PS I will be launching some new branding elements in Sept - what do you think of the these triangle number markers??


Monday Must with Marysia Swim

This spring and summer I have been working with the extremely talented designer behind one of the most beautiful swim collections - Marysia Swim. Even though I've asked her several times, I just don't get where she comes up with so many fresh and innovative designs for her swimwear. So brilliant. Marysia and I worked to make her brand more bold + modern. We worked on her lookbook (which is where I got that sneak peek photo in the inspo board above!) and lots of other printed pieces for the fashion shows this summer. Check out her last collection here. Marysia graciously asked me to create my "Monday Must List" for her blog. This is what I'm musting!

/ 1 / Beyonce's 4 album. I listen to it when I wake up, work, clean, cook, workout, you name it. I even got a bruise dancing in my office when I ran into the door jam. Wow. TMI. You have to watch this video of the making of her album. I've watched it 4 times. Inspiring for all creative females (and business owners!) / 2 / Kate Spade notecards. Brilliant cards to send to a friend for having you over for a dinner party. Cheeky yet classy. / 3 / Jill Sander skirt. Her last collection was beyond beyond beyond. I love the styling in this photo as well. / 4 / Eberjay Colette Bra. Amazing underneath something sheer. Best by itself though... / 5 / Olimpia Zagnoli's illustrations. I can't get enough of Jill Sander's last collection and a framed piece from Olimpia Zagnoli in my bedroom would be perfection. / 6 / Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone case in hot pink. Purchasing today. LOVE. I have been waiting for half a year for her to finally make it for the new iPhone. Gotta look chic texting away. / 7 / Alessi Calumet watch in orange. I love the simplicity and boldness of this watch. It feels feminine - but not soft. / 8 / Covergirl LipPerfection. Best lipstick - EVER. And I've tried them all - and then never wear them anywhere. I actually wear this out. Daring. Who knew you could buy it at TARGET for $5! Stays on all day, not drying, and the compliments won't stop when you're wearing it. I recently had a 3 year old tell me she liked my "chapstick." I'm winning them all. I have it in their two brightest shades - Spellbound (bright pink) and Flame (hot red). / 9 / Miu Miu glitter + suede bow peep toe. What's not to love! The shape is brilliant, the mix of warm leather and girly glitter is perfection. The heel is sturdy and not sky-high so you can actually wear these all day with something more toned down. / 10 / Marysia Swim Sardina maillot. The most fashionable take on the classic red swim suit. Watch out, Pamela. And PS it's reversible! Come to mama!


Brides Southern California Editor's Choice

Thank you a million times over to Brides Southern California Magazine for the 2011 Editor's Choice Award in stationery!! I am so honored, thankful, and encouraged by this unexpected award. A huge thank you to Heather Lee at Brides who has reached out to me to feature my work online and in print and has encouraged me as I complete the new collection that is launching this September. You have been such a blessing, Heather!

Below is an exerpt from the press release included in the packet of goodies I received from the magazine:

"The Fall/Winter edition of Brides Southern California reconizes hometown wedding vendors and we are so proud to annouce that MaeMae Paperie has won the attention of the editors.

'Our editors have revealed their go-to sources for the best in the business: the places and people who are helping to make wedding planning easier and more fun They provide terrific products, exemplary customer service and the innovative ideas that continue to inspire us,' stated Julie Raimondi, Editor-in-Chief and Brides Local Magazines. 'Cheers to MaeMae Paperie for raising the bar.'"

YAY!! Thank you Brides Southern California!


Meet Quimby

 Say hello to Quimby. He equally loves linen and lacquered paint. He used to think that was weird - now he's embracing it.

Have a beautiful weekend. xx, Mae

1. Quimby uses these to give all of his host gifts.
2. highlight. your whole body.
3. illustrations created for sweet Quimby
4. I'd wear it. Sass + Bide have hands down the best ad campaigns.
5. I am totally judging this bottle by it's label. gorg branding.
6. if you haven't seen the whole project your life isn't complete.
7. love the contrast.
8. blocky but organic. love love love.
9. want to learn how to use a brush like she does.
10. everything modori is magnif.
11. perfect 10 in design sexiness.