Studio Peek

Right before I was about to run to the post office, I thought my desk was looking quite picturesque. Thought I would share a post about my studio! This is my beautiful new desk and it's current mess:

1. My lion stone stamp from China in paper weight mode.
2. Micro pens that I was using to do some tracing for a wedding project.
3. Inspiration board for new 2010 line (wedding and greeting).... more to come later this week.
4. Nantaka Joy notebook from Ruthi that I carry everywhere.
5. Ruler used to line an envelope for some practice calligraphy work.
6. Invite set going out to a photographer to be photographed at a wedding this weekend.
7. Scissors used to cut the cardboard for #6.
8. My jade bracelet that I always wear... except when I type.
9. Where the magic happens!

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