Repurposed Art Projects

Hello, MaeMae lovers! Sorry I have been out in the real world making a home and seeing family (and finishing the 2010 Bridal Collection!)

So when I was moving to the loft, I found loads of old art projects. Some flooded my mind with fond memories, some came out to play on my studio walls, and some made me bust out laughing in sheer horror and embarrassment for my college self. Can you even guess what this is??

I finally remembered that it was a knight. It looks like it has an old fashioned scuba mask on and is going to board the yellow submarine. I took a quick text poll of three friends on what to do with old artwork. Ruthi said keep half, throw the other half away. Shannon just flat out said keep it all. And Whit said make gifts out of it. Shannon's birthday was a few weeks later, so I decided SHE could keep it. I created envelope liners out of it and made a little cloth pouch out of excess curtain material (so Maria von Trapp). The stationery cards are super thick watercolor paper. You could cut carrots with it. How yummy are the *new* spruce colored envelopes? Deeply delighted.

I still have 4 or 5 more prints of scuba knight if anyone else wants a set! Email at if you do.

Anonymous –   – (December 17, 2009 at 6:08 AM)  

I absolutely love these! You are so clever!

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